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new loops =D

2008-11-10 18:59:03 by MikkMakk88

I just finished downloading 3.11 Gigabytes of loops so my songs should get much better now :P

Audio is up!

2008-10-17 20:50:22 by MikkMakk88

At last my song are here :D I waited 6 days for those audio moderators to accept my audio and it's about damn time they did :)

music submission

2008-10-16 12:30:40 by MikkMakk88

I added music about 5 days ago and...yeah, it's not I uploaded my best song and hope that they will accept it

New account

2008-10-12 12:09:05 by MikkMakk88

Hey guys, I made this account generally to submit my techno and comment on videos and games and stuff, I just started making my songs the day I got Acid pro. They're pretty repetitive but hopefully as time goes by I will get better

If you like my music please let me know so that I will continue to make some more.

Oh and one last thing, I'm learning how to use flash at the moment so maybe I will submit some flash videos or maybe even games :D